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Donate to the Mark Ozawa Memorial Fund through Paypal or by credit card. You can donate here:

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Contact us for mailing information. Please make checks out to: Mark Ozawa Memorial Fund.

Nina Albert
Roberta B. and Gerald Alexander
Glenn and Michelle Asakawa
Setsuko Asano
Peter and Rebecca Aschwanden
Ken and Alice Akune
Kenneth Bandler and Martha Jimenez
Christine and Steve Barnard
Graham and Maggie Batterham
Anne Beale
Kenneth and Sally Bieber
Greg Boehm and Jan Salter
Michael and Caroline Bonehill
David Brewster
Patti and Pat Butler
Tom Byrne and Veronica Kalisiki
Jeannine Carter
Ray and Gail Catlin
Carol Chauvin
Fran Clark
John and Debi Cleveland
Christine Corner
Lynne Cram
Barry and Lynn Cutler
Susan Cutter
Hunter Davis and Katherine Ozawa
Brian and Susan Eslinger
Jennifer Findlay
Anthony and Darlene Fornetti
Marsha and Tom Freed
Kathy Fukute
Barbara Gallagher
Maureen and Fred Gammon
Lisa Graber
Brian Greenstein
Andrew and Janet Hall
Masaji and Grace Hatae
Bruce and Penny Hankin
William and Kathleen Hardin
Becky and Larry Haselnus
Robert and Dawn Hendry
Ed and Cathy Hession
Glenn Hiraga
Katherine Hobbs
Claire Holman
Teresa Immel
Jon Inge and Lindsey Geyer
Ken and Kay Inose
Beverly Ita
Kiku Kanegawa
Isao and Mary Kato
Debra and Ken Kawahara
Larry and Jan Kawahara
Lindy and Yone Kawahara
Kyle and Claris Kawahara
Flori and Kimberly Jans
Valerie Jenkinson
Finola Jennings Clark
Lynn Johnson
Wendy and Naysa Johnson
Scott Kanayama
Maureen Kane Smith
Fritz and Debbie Karrer
Alayne Kato-Hamilton
Geraldine Kawamura
Nancy Kim
the kiyotake family
Michael and Rhonda Lachance
Mark Ebel and Catherine Laskey
Harrienne Leong
Reid and Glenda LevEnson
Rosemary Lintner
Doug and Patsy marrs wilson
Cathy Martin
Thomas and Mary McCarrick
Dianne and David McComb
Elke and Alan Menzel-Jones
Tom and Stacey Meyer
Faye Mitsunaga and Jim Eng
Elizabeth Moore
Jill and Tyler Moore
David and Lucy Nakalane
Gengi and Helen Nakano
Elizabeth and James Neid
Kats and Kikuko Nishi
Mitzi Noohara
Brian and Sue Nottage
Gerry and Steve Olsen
Joan Oughtred
Bill and Elain Ozawa
Linda and Sara Ozawa
Ed Page & Marilyn Tressel and Family
Brenda Parker
Daniel and Christina Pataroque
Julian and Catherine Payne
Sally Payze
Peak Wealth Management
Ali and Andy Pearson
Wendy and Trevor Price
Wynne Racine
David and Julie Ratner
Michael and Marilyn Ratner
Renee Rockford
Grace Sakioka
Stephen Sato
Don and Janie Scarborough
Steve and Marg Shaver
Celia and Nick Sheneman
Myrtle Shibata
David Shimamoto
Rick and Mary Anne Shube
Mary Singer
David and Jennifer Smith
Michael and Diane Smith
Dev Suenaka
Yoji and Aileen Sumi
Paul Sumida
Shizie and Jun Taira
Kimi Taira
Lawrence Takahashi
Cynthia and Mike Talbot
Keith Thompson
Ken and Mary Thompson
Ellen Tirao
Frank Traylor
Jamie Turner and Martha Solis-Turner
Etsuko and Ron Uesugi
Daniel Van Abs
Joyce and Walter Vollmerhaus
Neil and Christa Warnock
Susan and Bob Webster
Margo and paul Wickens
Catherine and David Wilkes
Aileen Willoughby
Warren and Carolyn Woo
Charles and Karin Woolley
Rachelle and Jay Woolley
Mickey Yokoyama
Ross Yoshiyama
Susan Young and Family
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