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Mark was involved a wide array of outreach projects on St. Lucia, and the foundation seeks to follow his example. Below you can find a brief summary of the causes nearest to Mark's heart. Through a variety of  community partners, we will work to support these causes and build on the legacy Mark left behind. Check back to the Impact and Events page to get updates on the foundation's work enriching the culture and quality of life on St. Lucia. 

our causes:
Education and Childcare

Access to teacher education

Providing after-school care

Better school supplies

Improving school facilities

Local Artists

Bringing awareness to the beautiful culture of St Lucia

Supporting local atrists and craftsmen

Rotary Causes



Community outreach

Environmental Awareness

Island cleanup

Improved technology


Clean energy

Windjammer Employees

Family care

Employee wellness

Disaster Relief

Emergency supplies

Food and water

Community rebuilding

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